Uow Group Assignment Cover Sheet

FACULTY OF COMMERCE & COMMUNICATION COURSEWORK COVERSHEET -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBJECT’S INFORMATION: Subject: Session: Programme / Section: Lecturer: Coursework Type (tick appropriate box)Individual Assignment Group Assignment Project Lab Exercise / Journal Seminar / Tutorial Paper Others Coursework Title: Coursework Percentage: Hand-out Date: Received By :(signature)Due Date: Received Date :STUDENT’S INFORMATION: Student’s Name & ID: Contact Number / Email: STUDENT’S DECLARATION By signing this, I / We declare that: 1.This assignment meets all the requirements for the subject as detailed in the relevant Subject Outline, which I/ we have read. 2.It is my / our own work and I / we did not collaborate with or copy from others. 3.I / we have read and understand my responsibilities under the University of Wollongong’s policy on plagiarism.

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