Upholding English Proficiency For Communicative Competence Essay

English is the universal language so everybody must know how to speak using this. There are different languages or dialects that are used by different people but then they can communicate with one language and that is English. This month of October, we are celebrating the English Month with the theme, “Upholding English Proficiency for Communicative Competence”. This theme highlighted the importance of English in our daily lives especially those who are call center agents, teachers, government employees and others. In connection to the celebration, schools are conducting a lot of activities like spelling bee, extemporaneous speaking, declamation, oration and others. With these activities, English proficiency was enhanced. English proficiency may use for the progress of the nation but always bear in mind that you must still use your own language as a sign of your nationalism and patriotism.




For many years since the World War II, the English language had been the lingua franca of numerous countries and territories all around the world. It is used in the everyday lives of many people – from selling and buying to creating laws.

Being an English proficient person, one must be able to speak, read and write the language. To be truly proficient, he must have advance abilities in the three divisions wherein he can convey and relay his thoughts fluently. But being good in this language doesn’t just mean being mainstream. It is more than that. It is being able to communicate and relate with different people from different cultures.

Whenever a person goes to a foreign land without properly learning its native language, he has to find ways how to converse with the natives. And whenever this happens, people always opt to use English. Since it is the universal language, it is no more a surprise that most human beings walking on this planet can utilize the lingo. Learning English gives the people confidence, confidence to face the world and its people.

Schools use the language as the primary medium of instruction because many believe that by doing so, they are preparing the students to become globally competitive. They believe that they can achieve what other people can achieve by being skilled in the language. The students will have brighter future ahead of them. Many opportunities await them if they have this specific skill. This is because they can openly communicate and share ideas. They can face international questions that will challenge them.

Learning the language would not just bring us opportunities, it would bring us success. Let us have debate as an example. In many formal debates, it would be the English language that is going to be used. If one is not proficient enough, then he cannot express his arguments effectively, he can’t be an effective communicator. In a court trial, a lawyer has to bravely defend his case using the language. He has to speak clearly,


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