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If you wanted to boil down your goal in writing the reapplication essay to four words, they would be: Show how you’ve grown.

The adcoms may compare this year’s application with the past dinged one – or at least with the notes from reviewers. And they’ll be looking for improvement, plain and simple.

To show that you’ve grown and that you’re a more impressive applicant this year than you were last, you’ll need to answer the following questions in your reapplication essay:

Have you made a concerted effort to mitigate your weaknesses? Did you retake the GMAT or enroll in an Econ 101 course to prove that you’re willing and capable of excelling in a demanding business school?

Have you clarified your goals? Sometimes applicants are rejected simply because the adcoms get the sense that they’re not sure why they want an MBA and don’t have clear post-MBA goals. In your reapplicant essay you should show that the past year has helped reshape and reaffirm your goals and that you do in fact have a clear sense of why you want an MBA and why now is the best time for you to pursue one.

Have you demonstrated “fit”? Do you show there is a match made in Heaven between your professional and educational needs and the school’s strengths and values.

Have you internalized and utilized school feedback? If you were lucky enough to receive feedback on your dinged application, make sure you put it to good use. If the feedback suggested that your leadership skills were on the weak side and in response you worked hard to increase your leadership responsibilities at work, make sure you highlight your advances and what you’ve learned from the experience.


By Linda Abraham, CEO and founder of Accepted.comand co-author of the soon-to released book, MBA Admissions for Smarties: The No-Nonsense Guide to Acceptance at Top Business Schools.  Linda has been helping MBA applicants gain acceptance to top MBA programs since 1994.


The admissions committees look for one thing in an MBA reapplication: IMPROVEMENT.

They need to see how you are a better candidate than you were before.

It is never enough to simply re-write your essays. You need to demonstrate what you’ve done in the time since your original application to change. There’s a wide range of ways to show this. It all depends on where your weaknesses were originally.

It’s much more challenging to do this if you had a strong (but not stellar) application in a later round. If you applied in Round 3 and were rejected, and your GMAT score was 720 and your GPA was 3.5, then it’s possible that you were rejected only because the class was full. This is one of the biggest reasons why we advise against Round 3. If that’s where you’re at then you need to look for other ways to improve – you don’t have the “easy” route of re-taking the GMAT and posting a better score.

If your GMAT was < 700 then that’s a first place to start.

If you already took the GMAT more than 3 times, then it’s a more complicated situation.

And much of this depends on which school we’re talking about.

But for ALL schools, anywhere in the world, if you’re going to reapply then you need to do it with  more to show for yourself.

We’ve heard that some people literally re-submit the same essays as they used the first time. The same application. They say that doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is a sign that you’re crazy, and we do think that applies here.

However, you can’t just write better essays this time. You can’t fix the typos and clean up your grammar and string together your sentences more smoothly. That’s not enough. The essays need to be chockful of what you’ve done differently. On the improvements you’ve made. On why you’re a STRONGER CANDIDATE this time around.

You can’t simply get better at writing an MBA application. You can’t merely prove you’re more an expert at the application process. The content of your application needs to show how you’re an improved person.

That’s why we’re talking about this stuff now. You need to get started.

We go into more details on all of this in the EssaySnark Reapplicant Guide. It’s never too early to begin the MBA application process – particularly as a reapplicant – because the process is about improving yourself. So get to it, Brave Supplicant!

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