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Jaime Chartier Odysseus: The Epic Hero In the book The Odyssey by Homer, the main character Odysseus angers the gods and is forced to travel around the entire Mediterranean Sea on his way home from the Trojan War. When he returns home after 20 years, he reunites with his family and him and his son, Telemachus kill all of the men who were trying to marry Odysseus’ wife, Penelope. Odysseus has many characteristics that prove he is an epic hero. Because Odysseus struggles to overcome the flaws of man, is well-known, and displays cleverness, he is considered an epic hero. The first characteristic of an epic hero that Odysseus displays is struggling with the flaws of man. Throughout the story, Odysseus is faced with many challenges and forced to make many important decisions. But he also makes human mistakes, and sometimes does not make the best decisions because of that human influence. For example, when his men and him go to Circe’s island, they stay for a year drinking wine and feasting. If he didn’t have the flaws of man, he would have left right away and would

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