Lyric Interpretation Assignment Submission

In this case, "I will submit" is the correct usage.

"I will submit" focuses on the fact that there will be an event, where you submit the assignment. The listener can reasonably assume it will be swift.

"I will be submitting" focuses on the act of you engaging in submission. There will be a submission, but it concentrates on the time period where the submission is occurring, rather than the fact that it happens. I would use the phrasing "I will be submitting my assignments by tonight" if the listener knows I intend to submit my assignment in the form of an interpretive dance in the cafeteria drawn out over 3 acts, and I will be intentionally disrupting normal class to do so.

This is more obvious in other verbs. "I will pray for you" may be as little as "I'll pray for you once, but then I'm going about the rest of my business." "I will be praying for you implies a longer duration and many prayers. (though some people will say "I will pray for you" and pray many times over a long duration. Welcome to English. We're not as consistent as we'd like.)



Everyone has their favorite songs, the music that you could actually listen to endlessly and never ever get tired of. I know, it’s easy sometimes to just let that tune’s catchy beat or rhythm take you away, but when was the last time you just stopped to simply examine the meaning of a song’s lyrics?

Sure, it may cross your mind while listening to the music over and over again, but what exactly was the artist going for? More importantly, how do you interpret the lyrics and what does it all mean to you?

With the Web, it’s easy to find out what some of your favorite songs mean. There are a couple of great websites out there where users can offer their own interpretations of any song’s lyrics.

Truth be told, a lot of songs are ambiguous in nature, so you may not be able to find one definitive meaning of a song, but it’s always interesting to gain perspective on something as interpretational as a song’s lyrics. Also, keep in mind that the people sharing their opinions are probably just as big of fans as you are to the same music, so you’ll be in good company.

Here’s the 3 best websites to find the meaning of a song.


SongMeanings is not just another site crammed full of only a song’s lyrics (check out The Top 5 Sites to Find Song Lyrics OnlineThe Top 5 Sites to Find Song Lyrics OnlineThe Top 5 Sites to Find Song Lyrics OnlineLet me set the scene for you. You're at a Bon Jovi concert and you're lucky enough to be in the front row!Read More for those). The website allows its users to interact with each other and discuss their favorite songs.

With a growing database covering virtually every artist and thousands upon thousands of songs, its community has chalked up over a million comments about what the lyrics of the music they love mean to them.

Just search for an artist of your choice and comb through the listings of songs. Each song page features the full lyrics and hopefully some users have contributed their views about what the song means in the comments. Feel free to join in and share your opinions as well.


Songfacts is a simply laid out website that takes a different approach to it all. Compiled by radio professionals, music enthusiasts, and just plain-old visitors to the site, it’s a database full of song information.

You’ll find everything from fun facts to interesting background stories about your favorite songs, so it’s not necessarily just the song’s meaning, but it may very well help you discover more about it.

Every song page includes the basic information, such as album title, release year, chart positions, the full lyrics, and even the ability to listen to the song via a widget from GroovesharkGrooveshark - Free Legal Online MusicGrooveshark - Free Legal Online MusicRead More.

The “Songfacts” are submitted by users and reviewed by the site before being added to the list. There’s also a comments sections for visitors to chime in about the song.

Lyric Interpretations

Lyric Interpretations is another site also worth mentioning. Don’t let its simple design fool you. It’s the content that matters here, and the website is another great place to go to if you’re in search of song meanings.

The site gets straight to the point. Users submit their own interpretations of any song of their choice and they’re published for visitors to read and review.

How do you find the meaning of your favorite songs? Have any of these websites helped you at all? Let us know in the comments.

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