Credit Card Case Study Interviews

Hello all,

Before I saying anything, I've looked through every thread about this topic on WSO, read every entry on Glassdoor (multiple times), and still have some questions regarding this final round. I hope I have placed this thread in the right forum.

I'm a recent graduate of a target with a strong GPA but I didn't spend a lot of time working on finding a job during recruitment season partly because I was a liberal fairy-boy who didn't want to work and partly because personal circumstances required graduating early and the decision was made toward the end of OCR season. Alas I am here.

In spite of the aforementioned circumstances, I've done pretty OK so far in finding a job, and have netted a final round interview with Capital One. You all may call me ignorant, but this is about the best job opportunity that I could ever hope for. Reasons being that it is located close to my family (Virginia), based on my research has great prospects for mobility and gaining experience, and the pay is pretty sweet.

I've been preparing heavily for the case interview aspect of the interview that is coming up in a few days (this Friday). I've read Cosentino's books, watched the lectures of, practice maybe 12 cases with friends over Skype, and just acquired a copy of the Vault guide to case interviews. I'm not great at them, but I'm not totally inept. However, my understanding is that the cases faced in CapOne final rounds aren't your prototypical MBB/management consulting cases. I haven't found many cases that are so heavily focused on numbers (Glassdoor users mention an estimation case [this is no big deal], a case about Subway incorporating $5 footlongs, a case about a ferry boat, and a case about Dominoes Pizza kicking the 30 mins or free program) in any of these resources. I know they are going to ask me to calculate break-even volume/sales/share/cost or NPV, but I haven't found many cases that ask the same of me.

tl;dr version: I REALLY want this job. Like REALLY badly. Really. I have been practicing cases like a fiend but am weak on mental math (I heard you get a calculator...?) and rusty on simple math in general. Does anyone have a resource with cases that focus on break-even analysis or NPV? Anyone out there recently had a final round with Capital One that can bring some insight into this discussion?

One thing I've read is that really want people who stick around and I'm going to try to truthfully convey that to them during the interviews, tho I don't know how far it'll go. I definitely want to stick around for a lot of reasons and would accept an offer on the spot.

Thanks all, hope I can get some advice somewhere out there.

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