Maryland Application Essay

1.Completed online application

For best consideration for admission, merit-based scholarships, and invitations to special programs, students should apply by the Priority Deadline. In the application, students will be asked to answer one of five essay prompts, which can be reviewed in advance here. Applications must be completed online, and all additional application materials must be postmarked by the appropriate deadline.

2. Nonrefundable application fee of $75

When completing your University of Maryland Coalition application, you will be required to pay the fee on our secure website with a credit card at the time of application unless you have received a fee waiver. Fee waivers must be submitted prior to application completion for consideration. We cannot accept cash or check payments. 

3. Two letters of recommendation

Two letters of recommendation are required for a completed application: one from your school counselor and one from a teacher. Recommendations must be sent to us directly from the recommender.

4. Official copy of your high school transcripts

Your institution must submit an official copy of your high school transcripts listing all courses you have completed from all schools attended.

5. Official copy of your college transcripts (if necessary)

If you have completed any collegiate coursework, your institution should submit an official copy of your college transcripts listing all courses you have completed.

If you have non-U.S. academic records for post-secondary work, please review our international applicant requirements as they might apply to you. 

6. Official standardized test scores

The SAT or the ACT is required. Official scores should be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by the test administrator. We use the highest subscores from the SAT and ACT in our review of your application. We will accept scores from the old SAT and  redesigned SAT (first administered in March 2016); we do not require the essay portion of the SAT. View College Board’s Concordance Tools to see how scores from the redesigned SAT compare to those on the old SAT.

SAT Subject Tests are not required; applicants who do not take Subject Tests are not disadvantaged in the admissions process. We do not require the writing portion of the ACT.

If you would like to receive credit toward your degree for successfully completing Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), A/AS level examinations, or certain other standard exams, those official scores must also be submitted once the student has been admitted. 

7. Activities and awards list or resume

Detail your efforts in the community, arts, leadership, athletics, family involvements, work experience, and other extracurricular activities and hobbies in order of interest to you.

8. School of Music application (School of Music applicants only)

In addition to the above items, students seeking enrollment into the School of Music must submit the online application supplement and complete an audition. The application supplement and audition will be used to determine your eligibility for admission into the School of Music. It will not be used, however, in the review of your eligibility for admission to the University of Maryland.

If you are mailing any application materials, please send them to:

University of Maryland
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Mitchell Building, 7999 Regents Dr.
College Park, MD 20742-5235, USA

Prompt: The University of Maryland prides itself on being an inclusive community that celebrates differences, brings together people from the widest array of backgrounds and perspectives, and recognizes that excellence cannot be achieved without diversity. What do you look forward to gaining from the diversity of the University of Maryland community?

Imagine being a teenager in this day and age having to adhere to all these rules: no parties, no going out on Friday nights or Saturdays, no pork, no seafood, no caffeine, and no jewelry. Can’t? Well I can; it’s my life. I am a Seventh-Day Adventist. I worship on the Sabbath, which starts on sunset Friday and ends on sunset Saturday. I can’t even count how many times my friends ask me “Your ears aren’t pierced?” or “You didn’t go to Homecoming?” or my personal favorite: “You’ve never seen Saturday morning cartoons?” People call me weird, and feel sorry for me because I miss out on all the “fun” Saturdays supposedly bring. I remember that I used to feel sorry for myself too. But I think Saturdays are fun in my own way. I like going to church, and after we have a family lunch – the only time my family actually sits down and eats together. This is what makes me different. I don’t mind being unique though, because I like people and things that are different. It makes things more interesting. So many conversations have been started with people asking me about my religion. So many friends have been made. So I look forward to being in a place where more people can ask me questions, and I can ask them questions, too. I’m sure there are even more interesting religions or cultures out there, and I would like to know.


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