Macroeconomic Research Paper Eco 561 Week 5

This Tutorial contains 2 Papers


Paper 1: USA, China,France


Paper 2: USA, China, Democratic republic of Congo, Saudi Arabia


Develop a minimum 1,050-word analysis of the international economy in which you do the following: 

Research each country below, using resources such as the CIA World Fact Book, World Bank data, World Trade Organization (WTO), and the Federal Reserve Bank. Research each of your three chosen country's economic, political, and cultural development:





•Analyze measures of economic growth and of comparative and absolute advantage in international trade.

•Use tables and/or graphs to compare the following economic statistics/indicators of your three chosen countries for the most recent year available and for 2009 (the trough of the last economic cycle):

•Country Real GDP

•Country CPI

•Country Real Exports

•Country Real Imports

•Country Unemployment Rate

•Country Industrial Production

•Discuss reasons why the economic growth of the three countries varies. How does international trade influence the strength of the economy worldwide?

•Discuss the following for each country:

•At least two products that have provided the country an absolute advantage in trade (if any).

•At least two products that have provided the country a comparative advantage in trade.

•Factors that might have prevented any of your three chosen countries from achieving absolute and/or comparative advantages.

 Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources. 


RESEARCH ANALYSIS FOR BUSINESS 2Research Analysis for BusinessThe economic parameters have a significant effect on the overall economy, which in turn affects the performance of the business operating in the concerned economy (Liow, 2016). For instance, an economic boom period leads to prosperity and growth of the concerned business. The great economic recession between 2007 and 2009 lead to bankruptcy of many businesses, since they could not survive in the prevailing harsh economic conditions. However, there are various strategies that could be adopted by a company to address and overcome the turbulence ofthe economic performance. In relation to this, the present paper conducts an analysis of economic data and business data to explain how the core economic principles impact the sustainability of the firm and what actions the firm can take to ensure success.The firm considered in this case is the Walmart Stores Inc.Walmart Market AnalysisWalmart operates in a fragmented discount retail industry. The market structure in which Walmart operates is the monopolistic market structure. This is because there are a lot of retailers who competes with the company. Walmart faces competition from international companies such as the Carrefour in France, Metro AG in Germany, Tesco in the United Kingdom, Loblaw Companies in Canada, and Ahold in the Netherlands. It also faces competition from Target Corp, Costco Wholesale, Dollar General, Amazon among others retailers (Hicks, 2016).Walmart market share, as per the 2016 statistics was 11.4%. This market has few barriers of entry in the market. These include the high cost of establishing a retail business, and the involved fierce competition. There is also low margins since firms offer lower prices.


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