Bcsl 033 Solved Assignment 2015


Computer Basics and PC Software Lab BCA (1)-013/Assignment1

SECTION I : PowerPointQuestion 1:

Make a Presentation for a Travel agency which would include the following topics:

Introduction on the Agency and its management

International Destinations

European Tours

Australian Tours

Asian Tours

Airline Information along with Fares

Answer :

Step 1 :

Open Microsoft PowerPoint as,Start

All Programs

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Power Point 2007Step 2 :

Create new Slide for Title page (YATHRA Travel Agencies) as,Home

New SlideStep 3 :

Select design of presentation from Design menu

(Choose „Opulent‟)

Step 4 :

Change Layout of Slide as,Home

Layout (Choose appropriate layout style)Step 5 :

Formatting of texts like Fills, Effects, etc from Format menuStep 6 :

Create a new slide for

„Introduction to YATHRA‟

Enter the details about agency under the head.Step 7 :

Create another slide for „Introduction to Management‟

Under this head type about management of YATHRA Travel Agency.Step 8 :

Insert Picture to Slide as,Insert

Picture, on the Dialogue box browse the Picture wantStep 9 :

Shape Picture as Callouts as,Format

Picture Shape

(Select shape)Step 10 :

Inserting styles like shadow, 3D effects, etc. to Picture as,Format

(select the picture styles want to you)

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