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Little did the thousands of women who stepped out on the streets of the then Russian Empire know, that their protest would become the theme for women’s rights across the world, for eternity.

It was March 8, 1917, when women textile workers in Petrograd (capital of the Russian Empire) marched for their right to vote. Since then, the day is commemorated to celebrate women worldwide.

A century later, have we progressed?

Yes, we’ve come a long way since the first women’s rights movements, but a long road still lies ahead.

Even in 2018, women do not enjoy equal status to men in all spheres. We still hear phrases like ‘don’t run like a girl’, ‘don’t throw like a girl’ or ‘don’t dress like a girl’. The ones making the statements remain ignorant to the fact that running like a girl is the same as ‘running like a boy’ – with all your might; throwing like a girl is the same as ‘throwing like a boy’ – with all your power; and dressing like a girl is the same as ‘dressing like a boy’ – in whatever makes you comfortable.

Women have time and again proved that they can do ANYTHING, and this video by ParleG aims to showcase just this. It is time we realised that women are capable of achieving great heights because #ZiddiChhoriya never give up.


Parle-G's Ziddi Chhoriya

This International Women’s Day, Parle-G is celebrating the Ziddi Chhoriya; Woh jinhone apne dil ki suni, jo apni zidd pe adi rahi. #InternationalWomensDay #ZiddiChhoriya #WomensDay #ParleGWatch the full video here: https://youtu.be/vrtanBj7PFM

Posted by Parle-G on Monday, March 5, 2018

Despite the hushed talks, the demotivation and the doubts, women have worked hard to become athletes, scientists, singers, poets, writers, chefs, army persons, and what not. In fields where they were not recognised before, women are making strides. Their determination and will power are making those who questioned them, question themselves.

What is it that women cannot do? From trekking Mount Everest to making beautiful paintings? As the video correctly portrays, #ZiddiChhoriya are representing India at international stages, playing drums, leading teams, and motivating others to do the same.

It is because of these women who show immense perseverance that other women are inspired to chase their dreams.

This Women’s Day, let us salute the power of women. Let us spread awareness about equality, and lead by example.



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