Essay On How A Scholarship Will Benefit Me

First of all, this scholarship will give me an opportunity to further my education in the field of Social Science. I would like to attend ManhattanVilleCollege where I can pursue this education while continuing volunteering at the Centro Hispano and Midnight Run. As I become an active member at the community, I will be able to return the favors that I have received from my community specially the Hispanic community. In other part, I have made a decision to study full time instead holding a job. Therefore, I need to find resources that will help me achieve my goals. There many ways in which this scholarship will facilitate me because it will give me the opportunity to go to ManhattanVilleCollege, which will expand and strengthen my education.

Through my whole life, I had dream help my people, the Latinos. For this reason, my stronger goal is to graduated from college and become in a social worker. This career gives me the opportunity to help people with problems. Since I came to the United States, my life changed completely. This taught me that nothing is easy. In order to achieve your goals you have to work very hard. I arrived to United States when I was 14 years old; it was very difficult for me because I do not want to leave my mom and my brother in the Dominican Republic. However, my father made a decision that in my future I will thanks to him. This three years that I have in this country had give me an idea how many Hispanic people leave their families and come to the United States for a better future. However, most of them do not know the language or the culture. Here is the purpose why I want to become in a social worker, even though I love help people, it gives me satisfaction but also I will helping this people to assimilate the new culture, learn the language and teach them the customs. Besides that, my other accomplishment is becoming in a UNICEF volunteer because I want to collaborate with them. In my opinion, they are doing an excellent job helping children who had being abuse or do not have family. I am very passionate helping other no matter how hard it looks to help them but the most important is being persistent. Objectives are a fundamental tool in the life of everybody because a person who don’t have goals don’t care about nothing. For example, when I started in the first grade, I was a very shy little girl. As the years progressed throughout Elementary School, I noticed that my grades were not as high as the other students were. Therefore, from that moment on I dedicated myself to schoolwork. I always did my homework and I studied constantly. I soon became having a lot of A’s. As a result, I became more confident. I felt like it was something I was good at even though I had to work extremely hard to achieve it. The grades did not come naturally so I was very proud of myself for my personal accomplishments. I believe that commitment and dedication are more important in a person than the intellectuality that they were born with.

In addition, I am a very grateful person, the Latinos always when I needed help or an advice give me the help that I needed that’s the main reason why I want to return all the favors and opportunities that the Hispanic community had gave me. With this in mind, I want to continue helping the newly arrived Latinos immigrants at the Centro Hispano and at school tutoring Hispanic students. Since I was in Dominican Republic, my dream always was help people and knowing that I have the opportunity to do what I like make me very proud of myself and give me energy to continuing doing it. Each day I realize the value of a college education and how good I feel when I do an action that I know is going to make feel better others; I will never change that for nothing. Although, in ninth grade I was confused about what I was going to do in my life and I did not take the time to see that helping people is what I want to do for my life. In fact, this is for what I born to help others specially my Hispanic people.Working as a volunteer in my community throughout my high school years, I enjoyed helping people who were uninformed about the community services available to them. I hope to be able to serve in a political position sometime in the future, where I might have more ability to help those less fortunate and under-represented or come true my dream to become a Social Worker.

As well as I recognize my father has a model to follow, I hope other people recognize me as a role model. My father is my role model because all what he had done; he had give me a excellent education. However, to achieved that he came to the United States without knowing anyone. He suffered a lot. In particular, I want other Hispanic people see me as a role model because I want they continuing doing what I am doing. People who help other with their harms are not a lot that is why I want to do my best to inspire other to do what I am doing. In indeed, I want to be the role model of the Hispanic community, this scholarship will furnish me to make this dream comes true.

Many people like me inhale go to a private school which is not easy without the financial necessary. However, some people have the luck to have someone who can pay them for their college expenses. In my case, I live with my father, he has two jobs, it is not enough for him to pay for our necessities, and he has to send money to my mom and bother to the Dominican Republic. Here is my biggest problem because my dream is big, which is becoming a social worker, I believe that someone out there will give me the opportunity to help many people who right now don’t have home of are worry about any problem that they have. I am in a huge problem because I do not want to get a job because it will not let me concentrate in school. This concerns my father because he desires see his two children becoming professional people. He had worked very hard his entire life because he doesn’t have mom either father; both of them died when he was a child, he had no one who can help him with his school and college expenses. My father all the time remembers me that this country is the place of the opportunities and that I have to take advantage of it.

Lastly, this scholarship will benefit me a lot, because it will assist me to buy books for college and for my living expenses. Moreover, it will assist me to obtain, maintain and upgrade meaningful employment. This unique award would give me a wonderful headstart in transforming my dreams into reality as well will give me a best financial support. Besides that, this scholarship will let me concentrate on my education, instead of having to concentrate on working and studying. I believe that an ambitious person always needs to improve and consolidate and I am sure that I have an enough ambition to apply for this scholarship.

In conclusion, I feel that I am a very unique person in the fact that I like school and I don’t take college for granted like most teenagers do in the world today. I feel blessed with the fact that I am even going to college and I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider me for this scholarship. In my opinion, people like young Latinas leadership institute are giving many motivations to many students who are not able to go college with financial support. Eventually, I thought that my dream to study in Manhattan Ville never was going to come true. Even though, this scholarship give me hope that whether I obtain it I will be able to go to my most wanted college.

The requirements for this essay are one page, double-spaced and the title is How Will This Scholarship Help Me Attain My Career Goal.
Could some please provide some feedback ? I feel that the ending of the essay is kind of weak? This is my first post on this site:) Thanks in advance!

My goal is to attain a career where I can use my specialized information technology skills combined with strong business background to help organization implement information technologies to achieve their technology and business goals.

I am very passionate about information technology and how it can be successfully implemented and managed to help organizations become more efficient and effective. The information systems managers' position requires a strong understanding of both technical and business practices to excel. I am currently pursuing a MBA degree with concentration on Information Systems to acquire a broad range of essential business know ledges. I am also engaging in some self online learning courses outside the classroom and participating in couple of certificate programs to keep up with the cutting-edge information technology. Although I am very committed to undertaking professional trainings to fulfill my goals, the expensive cost of some online courses and certification programs had hold me back from taking them.

This scholarship will certainly strengthen my opportunity to take multiple Information Technology online courses and certification programs which I was not able to pay for due to my financial burden. The scholarship can help me further my professional training and certification goals that I have set for myself and will in turn help me start a true career in information system/technology management. This Scholarship can also be used to assist me pay for my courses this coming spring. Overall, this scholarship will help me accomplish my current goal, move on to the next and eventfully become a successful professional in the information system/technology management field.

I believe my education and experience fits nicely with the scholarship requirements, and I am certain that this scholarship will make a significant contribution to my continuing education.

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Mechanically, make sure you are only capitalizing proper nouns and the first words of sentences; for instance, "Scholarship" and "Information Systems" shouldn't be capitalized.

In regards to content, I think you have a very formal, appropriate piece here. You explain how it will help you, why it will help you get to your goal, and what you will do with this opportunity. A very nice piece; good work.



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