Essay On Safety Of Women In India

By Priya Florence Shah

I’m going to take a somewhat controversial stance in this article.

I may get attacked for my views, but I see this whole fracas between men and women as a consequence of the breakdown of communication and the growth of a whole lot of assumptions.

“To Assume = To Make an Ass of You and Me” and that applies to most relationships.

When we assume too much, it leads to a breakdown in communication and to a whole lot of misunderstanding.

So what does that have to do with recurring violence against women and the uproar of women feeling misunderstood and shortchanged in Indian society?

It’s largely the fact that women are assuming one thing about men – that Indian men have changed to accept women’s liberated attitudes. They have not.

And the fact that men are assuming that Indian women have remained the same and are still willing to accept patriarchal diktats. They are not.

And so we have a clash of mindsets. Patriarchy versus liberated women.

And who is winning? No one.

I think it’s time to get realistic. And to accept that little has actually changed.

Yes, this is me. The woman who endorses empowerment and strength.

The mother who hopes that her daughter will grow up in a more enlightened world.

I suggest we get real and accept that Indian society is facing a clash of two worlds.

A world that believes women should be independent and empowered versus a world that believes otherwise. And this is not a women versus men thing.

Just as many men believe in empowering women, as women exist that take comfort in being dependent, and encouraging other women to do the same.

So I believe that it’s time to take stock of where we are, as a society divided in its attitudes. Where regressive and progressive still coexist.

Where progressive women must empower themselves to deal with regressive attitudes.

Where regressive men must be prevented, by law, from imposing their views (and their persons) forcibly on women they perceive as wanton.

Until then, women need to be concerned for their own safety. Depending on the law enforcers to do that for you is not realistic.

Even developed nations have not reached a stage where women can walk safely alone at night without being attacked. The only thing that works better in developed nations is that law-breakers are more quickly convicted.

So until we can create a kinder, more equitable society for ourselves and our children, let’s take responsibility for our own safety.

Teach your daughters how to avoid getting into potentially unsafe situations.

Instead of having unrealistic expectations that men and law enforcers will act in your interest, learn to trust your instincts and know when it is safe and not safe.

A wise guideline I once heard is, if you don’t want to slip, don’t go to slippery places.

Don’t assume that all men will be protectors. Make space for the possibility that there are predators everywhere, even in our homes.

And, in the meantime, continue to campaign for stronger laws, quicker convictions and any measures that will give men the incentive not to attack women or view us as weaker creatures.

Being empowered does not mean that you go out and tempt fate, or that you do things no one in their right mind would do, just to prove a point.

Neither am I trying to excuse those who attack women. I mean to highlight the fact that no one is else is more concerned for your security than you are.


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Essay on Violence against Women in India

Violence against Women in India Essay 1 (100 words)

Violence against women in India is going side by side to the technological improvement in modern world in the country. Violence to the women is of various types and can happen at any place like home, public place or office. It is the big issue related to the women which cannot be ignored as it is hindering almost one half growth of the country. Women in the Indian society have always been considered as the things of enjoyment from the ancient time. They have been victims of the humiliation, exploitation and torture by the men from the time of social organization and family life.


Violence against Women in India Essay 2 (150 words)

From the origin of social life in the country various centuries came and gone, time has changed people’s mind and environment a lot, however violence against women is not seems to change a little bit. Time is the real eyewitness of all the sufferings (like sex discrimination, exploitation, oppression, aggression, degradation, humiliation, etc) bear by the helpless women. Women are so helpless in the Indian society where many female goddess are worshiped. In the Vedas, women are glorified as mother means one who can create and nourish a life. On the other hand, they have found themselves suppressed and subjugated by the men in the patriarchal society.

Violence against women can be domestic as well as public, Physical, emotional or mental . Women have fear of violence in their mind which causes the lack of participation in various areas of life. Fear of violence in the women mind has been so deep which cannot be out easily even after complete removal of violence against women in the society.

Violence against Women in India Essay 3 (200 words)

India is a traditional male-dominated country where women have to face various violence in the society from the ancient time. As the world is leading in the technological improvement, advancement of material prosperity, etc; the rate of unnatural sex and violence with women is also on the way. Rapes and brutal murders have been so common now-a-days. Other violence are like harassment, assault, and chain-snatching, etc have been involved in the daily routine in the modern Indian society. Violence against women has grown to a great extent in the free India. Dowry deaths, murder, bride burning, etc are giving rise to other violence in the society. Simultaneous increase in violence against women is hindering the social, economical, political, and cultural progress in the country.

The continuous practice of dowry system in the society proves that the violence against women can never be end. It is a complex phenomenon covering several dimensions of violence. It has reduces the status of young girls in the society as well as lowers their dignity. At the time of marriage, if a bride do not bring adequate dowry with her, she would really be at high risk of maltreatment after the marriage. Thousands of girls are bring victims of this social devil on daily basis.

Violence against Women in India Essay 4 (250 words)

There are many violence against women in India because of the male dominated society here. Women generally face various kinds of crime like dowry death, sexual harassment, cheating, murder, girl child abuse, robbery, etc. Violence against women which counted as crimes under the Indian Penal Code are rape, kidnapping and abduction, torture physically and mentally, dowry deaths, wife battering, sexual harassment, molestation, importation of girls, etc. The cases of violence against women is increasing day by day and becoming too broad.

The meaning of term violence is striking someone physically and causing injury. It may involve verbal abuse or psychological stress without the actual hitting which cause injury to the mind and harm the reputation. Rape, murder, abduction, kidnapping cases are criminal violence against women however dowry deaths, sexual abuse, wife battering, maltreatment at home or offices are the cases of domestic violence against women. Some of the social violence cases against women are eve-teasing, forcing wife or daughter-in-law for the female infanticide, forcing widow to commit sati, etc. All the violence against women are affecting the large section of the society.

Violence against women in the country is getting more frequent and alarmingly with huge sound. It is creating pressure and and heavy responsibility over the shoulders of social workers. However, there is urgent need for women to be empowered and responsible to themselves in order to understand all the rights and take benefits.

Violence against Women in India Essay 5 (300 words)

Violence against women in India is very old social issue which has taken its root deeply to the societal norms and economic dependence. This issue of violence against women come forth time to time in the form of brutal gang-rape, sexual harassment at work place, acid attack, etc. A big incident of violence against women was happened in Delhi on 16th of December in 2012. It was a brutal gang rape of the 23 year old woman in India. A huge crowd of anger people come out to the street by having a call for change. Even after happening such type of cases regularly in the society, it is not going to change the societal norms against women. It is going very complex and deeply rooted in the Indian society even after increasing education level of the people. Violence against women happens because of inefficient legal justice system, weak rules of law and male dominated social and political structures.

According to the research it is found that violence against women begins at home in the early age especially in the rural areas by the family members, relatives, neighbors, and friends.

Situation of the women varies all over the country according to the place, culture and tradition of people. Women in the north-eastern provinces and south have better position than other regions. Because of the practice of female infanticide, the number of girl child has been very less in comparison to the male child (almost 940 women to 1000 men according to the 2011 census). Such a huge decrease in the percentage of female child is because of the sex-selective abortions and negligence of young girls during infancy.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, women in India are very much unsafe in their marital home. Other common violence against women in the society are domestic violence, acid attacks, rape, honor killings, dowry deaths, abduction, and brutal behavior by husbands and in-laws.


Violence against Women in India Essay 6 (400 words)

Women in India have been victims of violence from many years in almost all the societies, regions, cultures and religious communities. Women in the Indian society have to bear variety of violence such as domestic, public, physical, social, emotional and mental. Violence against women is clearly seen in the history to a large extent which is still getting practiced without any positive change. Women in India were enjoying a quite comfortable position all through the Vedic period however, the condition got declined gradually because of the practice of violence against women all through the country. On the other hand, with the increasing level of violence against women they started losing their educational, social, political, economic, and cultural opportunities in the society.

They became restricted to live their normal lifestyle like healthy diet, wishful dress, marriage, etc. It was huge effort of male dominated country to make women limited and obedient. They started being enslaved and prostituted. Women in India started being used as commodities for the men to perform different functions of daily routine. There is a culture in the society for women to understand husband as a God, keep fast for their wellness and be depended on husbands. Widows were restricted to marry again and forced to follow sati pratha. Men understood their rights to beat women with rope or a bamboo stick. Violence against woman took a very fast speed when young girls were forced to serve as a Devadasi in the temple. It given rise to the prostitution system as a part of the religious life.

The fight of two major cultures (Islam and Hinduism) in the medieval period has increased the violence against women to a great extent. Young girls were forced to marry in the very early age and follow purdah system in the society. It made them isolated from almost whole world except their husband and family. Polygamy with strong roots was also started in the society and women lose their right of having unshared husband’s love. Female infanticide, dowry system and bride-killings are other big violence. Women are also facing lack of nutritious food, negligence to medicine and proper checkup, lack of educational opportunities, sexual abuse of girl child, rapes, forced and unwanted marriages, sexual harassment at public, home or work place, unwanted pregnancies at small intervals, bride-burning, wife-battering, negligence of old women in family, etc.

In order to reduce the number of offenses and crimes against women in India, another Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) law, 2015 has been made by the Indian government. It is done so to replace the earlier Indian juvenile delinquency law of 2000 especially after the Nirbhaya case during which an accused juvenile was released. In this act, the juvenile age has been reduced by two years means 16 years from 18 years in cases of heinous offenses.

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