The Language Of Composition Chapter 1 Assignment

All homework assignments for AP English Language and Composition are posted below in descending chronological order (from most recent to least recent).  Important test dates and due dates appear in colored print in the box below, before the homework list. 


*UPDATE:  The Columnist Paper deadline on is still midnight on Thursday, March 8th. The hard copy will be due in class on Friday, with the annotated articles.  Anyone who is without power of Internet because of the storm will receive an extension, as long as they provide a a note from a parent saying the dates of the power and/or internet outage.*

 **Quiz on Chapter 5 of Strunk & White's Elements of Style will STILL be on FRIDAY, March 9th!**


For Monday, March 12: Read pages 950-956 of Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience" (finish the essay) and answer questions 9-12. 

For Friday, March 9: Study for the quiz on Chapter 5 of Strunk & White's Elements of Style.  Also, read pages 939-50 of Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience" and answer questions 1-8. 

For Thursday, March 8:  Finalize your Columnist Paper!  Hard copy due in class with annotated articles, and you must upload the digital copy to Turnitin by midnight Thursday.  Start reading "Civil Disobedience" (see homework due Friday).

For Monday, March 5: Read "Where I Lived and What I Lived For" (by Thoreau) and answer the DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1-4 and the RHETORIC / STYLE QUESTIONS 5, 9, and 12. Also, finalize your Columnist Paper!  You are handing in the FINAL DRAFT on Mnday, so proofread and make sure it is your best work.  Don't forget to hand in the annotated articles with the paper.

For Friday, March 2: Read the "Nature" excerpt (by Emerson) and answer the DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1-3 and the RHETORIC / STYLE QUESTIONS 1, 3, and 7.  

For Thursday, March 1: Finsh reading "Education" by Emerson and answer the DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1, 4, and 7.

For Tuesday, February 27:  Review the articles in the "Political Language Synthesis Packet" and your Essay Planning Activity Sheet in preparation for writing an on-demand synthesis essay in class.  Don't forget to bring your annotated packet and your Essay Planning Sheet! (if you do, you will be given a new packet without your annotations).  

For Monday, February 26: Complete the "Planning Your Essay Activity" on the back of the "Political Language" packet.  Must be completed on a separate sheet of paper.  Also, you should be reading and annotating articles by your chosen columnist in preparation for writng your style analysis paper.  Just sayin'. . . :)

For Friday, February 15: Read Sources E, F, and G in the "Political Language" packet and anser the corresponding questions.

For Thursday, February 15: Read Sources C and D in the "Political Language" packet and anser the corresponding questions.

For Tuesday, February 13:  Study for final essay exam (argumentative) on Huck Finn.  Review chapter questions and all handouts given over the course of the unit. Also due Tuesday are the questions corresponding to Sources A and B in the "Political Language" packet. 

For Monday, February 12:  Read the "Light Out Huck . . ." article and complete a SOAPSTone analysis of the piece on a separate sheet of paper.

For Friday, February 9: Read and annotate the "Preface and Afterword" packet.

For Thursday, February 8:  Complete the themes sheet for Huck Finn (even if there is a snow day on Wednesday, this will be due on Thursday)

For Wednesday, February 7:  Read chapters 34-"The Last" (43) in Huck Finn and answer the related questions.

For Friday, February 2:  Choose the columnist whose style you wish to analyze for your paper.

For Wednesday, January 31:  Read chapters 22-33 in Huck Finn and answer the related questions.

For Wednesday, January 24:  Read chapters 11-21 in Huck Finn and answer the related questions.

For Thursday, January 18:  Study the terms and definitions in the second half of the AP English Glossary (pp. 9-17) in preparation for a quiz on those terms.  NOTE:  Add "synedoche" and the defintion to the list!

For Wednesday, January 17:  Revise and finalize your paper!  Bring in hard copy of final draft with rubric stapled to the front.

For Tuesday, January 16:  Finish reading chapters 1-10 of Huck Finn and answer all hte questions in the packet.

For Thursday, January 11:  Finish your Synthesis Paper and bring the hard copy to class.  You MUST upload the digital copy to by 3:00 pm on Thursday.

For Tuesday, January 2:  Read through the "Modern Approaches to Argument" packet and answer the 10 questions that follow.  Also, strive to finish reading your synthesis paper book over break :) 

For Friday, December 22:  Answer the remaining Questions on Rhetoric and Style (#7-#12) that follow "Letter from Birmingham Jail" (pages 260-74 in your Language of Composition textbook at home) (do NOT answer any Discussion or Writing questions).

For Thursday, December 21: Review rhetorical analysis notes, in general, and specifically your rhetorical analysis notes on Frederick Douglass, in preparation for essay exam. ALSO, if you missed class on Wednesday, you MUST complete the work that was done in class:  Read "Letter from Birmingham Jail" (pages 260-74 in your Language of Composition textbook at home) and answer the first six (6) Questions on Rhetoric and Style that follow (do NOT answer any Discussion or Writing questions).

For Tuesday, December 19:  Complete the Theme Sheet for Frederick Douglass.

For Monday, December 18:  Read Frederick Douglass' letter to his former master (copied from Letters of a Nation) and answer the questions on the two-sided sheet (handed out in class, but attached on my website also).

For Friday, December 15:  Finish reading Frederick Douglass and complete questions in packet (Chapters 10 & 11, plus Appendix).

For Friday, December 8:  Read Chapter 3 of Language of Composition (photocopied packet from 2nd edition) and take notes in outline format. I recommend that you annotate the packet as well, but I will not be collecting the annotations.

For Wednesday, December 6:  Read Chapters 5 through 9 in The Narrative of Frederick Douglass and answer the corresponding questions in the packet. 

For Monday, December 4:  Read Chapters 3 and 4 in The Narrative of Frederick Douglass and answer the corresponding questions in the packet. 

For Friday, December 1:  Read Chapters 1 and 2 in The Narrative of Frederick Douglass and answer the corresponding questions in the packet. 

For Wednesday, November 29:  Study for final essay exam on The Crucible.  The examples of themes discussed today are attached to my website below, if you wanted to consult them.

For Tuesday, November 28:  Research the books on the list of choices from the Synthesis REsearch Project sheet and choose one, then bring in a signed permission slip for that book.

For Monday, November 27:  Complete the theme sheet for The Crucible (EXCEPT FOR THE PURITAN MYTH) and also finalize your Crucible Character Analysis packet.

For Wednesday, November 22: Study for Quiz on Chapters 3 and 4 of Strunk & White's Elements of Style!

For Monday, November 20: Read pages 32-36 in the Crucible packet (Miller's prose) and respond in writing to the rhetorical analysis prompt on the sheet handed out (attached in case you were absent).

For Thursday, November 16:  Read pages 15 - 26 (some pages are omitted) in the packet of Miller's prose, and update your character analysis packet as much as possible.

For Wednesday, November 15:  Study the first 8 pages of the AP English Glossary for a quiz on those terms (on Wednesday).




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